Kreis Blood Order Uniform and Visor

One of Hitler's Goldfasanen and a Blood Order recipient within the Kreis level of the NSDAP. The collar tabs are of the embroidered variety and make the uniform that much more appealing. 


General Göring Regiment Fliegerbluse

This is a General Göring Regiment Fleigerblouse. While this piece is unnamed, the presence of the cloth German Cross in Gold narrows it down to only a handful of individuals which held this rank. Currently being researched.


Luftwaffe Feldwebel Pilot's Uniform

This exact uniform is shown in the contents section of THE GERMAN LUFTWAFFE PILOT and COMBINED PILOT and OBSERVER BADGES OF WORLD WAR II by Sebastien Talbot. Geschwader Horst Wessel (Zerstörergeschwader 26) pilots were known to have flown the BF-110 and participated in the battle of Britain. 


Heeresunteroffiziersschule Uniform

I believe the instructor's ciphers on the shoulder boards would be for Heeresunteroffiziersschule and could be München (although not operational for very long) Mewe, or Marienwerder. I guess it could be possible that this is a machine-gunner's cipher as well and not necessarily a town name. This is a privately tailored piece, I believe from captured Italian gabardine and is of the highest quality. I know technically he should have a pebbled aluminum two-piece walking out buckle but I like this way this one matches the matte finish of the buttons.


Heer Artillery Officer's Uniform

Tailored in Austrian fabric. A Kuban campaign as per the shield worn on the sleeve which was awarded to those who fought within the Kuban bridgehead in the Soviet Union from February 1943 until it was abandoned in October 1943. Named to  Friedrich Carl von Kramer, born in Neustadt on 09.04.1885 and died in München on 02.12.1958  


Cavalry oberst Uniform

Cavalry Regiment 6 Oberst Waffenrock. While the tunic is named on the interior label I have been unable to make out who exactly this piece originally belonged to but it is one of only a few individuals I have narrowed down. This is setup to date circa 1936-1937 and displays very well.  Both the Iron Cross 1st class and Gallipoli star are screw back type pieces. The dress sword is a rare Scharnhorst model from Carl Eickhorn and is of the puma head variety that displays ruby eyes. 


Coastal Artillery Konteradmiral Tunic

Named to Konteradmiral Georg Waue who was executed as the commanding officer at Festung Pola by Tito and his partisan units. Above the ribbon bar, you can see additional loops for a parade medal bar that utilized vertical reverse loops rather than the traditional horizontal pin setup. This came out of a Yugoslavian museum years ago. 


Kriegsmarine Kapitänleutnant Uniform

Arguably one of my favorite pieces in my collection is this stunner of a reefer jacket. I found it exceedingly difficult to not only find an original line officer but also with loops for a Spain/German cross. The loops under the EK_1 area are so small that only a U-Boat badge can fit there and that makes it all that much better for me. 


Kriegsmarine "collani" jacket and cap

Here is a lovely Kriegsmarine "collani" jacket with Donald Duck style cap within my personal collection. This untouched example came to me through a good friend and because of this it's actually one of my favorite pieces. This particular display wears a very rare Destroyer badge manufactured by the firm of Wilhelm Hobacher of Vienna. This exact badge is shown on page 76 of THE KRIESGMARINE AWARDS, Volume III by Norman Franke & John Robinson. The hat was manufactured in Breda, Holland during the years of German occupation.  The sailor was Matrosen HauptsGefreiter  (Seaman 1st Class with four years service) and according to his sleeve insignia he was qualified with heavy anti-aircraft guns and also rangefinders.