Bullion Luftwaffe Officer's Eagle

Some eagles are better than others and this is exactly the case with this fine specimen. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful bird. 


Insignia Bringback Lot

Here is a very nice lot of insignia which has always been together. For me the vertical TK tab is a phenomenal example but what really sets this lot off is the Standort Kommandantur "SK" cipher mounted onto a collar tab. Typically this metal cipher was used on shoulder boards of the era and one can only speculate as to why it is mounted on a collar tab; it is quite possible the Vet just stuck it on there. These bits were found tucked inside the General Mills envelope with a 1945 dated postmark.


1st Pattern SS Eagle and 2nd Pattern Skull

The second pattern skull was in use two years prior to the introduction of the second pattern cap eagle we so often see. To find an original matched set is not an easy thing to do by any means. Very rare. 


SS officer collar tab cutoff pair

These exact tabs are shown on page 114 of MEINE EHRE HEIßT TREUE - INSIDE THE ALLGEMEINE SS 1925-1945 by Ulric of England. These tabs were removed from an early black uniform of a SS-Hauptsturmführer within Regiment Germania. 


Bringback SS Germania Cuff Title

A Regiment Germania cuff title produced with silver bullion thread accompanied with full Veteran provenance and the customs paperwork. A very rare Latin script style font. The cuff band is still sewn together at the ends.


aluminum ss visor insignia set

Here we have an insanely rare Assman TK produced in aluminum and complete with both prongs. The eagle is an equally rare Wagner piece which is RZM SS 475/39 marked to the reverse.


late war type Luftwaffe breast eagle

This is not your standard wool backed Luftwaffe eagle and is not a pattern normally encountered. 


heer officer's flat wire m43 cutoff

This was a gift some time back from a fellow collector who I would consider a good friend. To find a flat wire officer's trapezoid is hard enough, and this one is a cutoff on top of it! A great piece. 


foreign made bullion eagle

I don't know what it was on but I assume just a variant style breast eagle. It's beyond ugly and yet entirely beautiful in it's own right.