NSKK event Plaque

The event took place on May 15, 1938 in Heidelberg and was presented to the 1st place participant. The central motif is highly detailed and the plaque reverse features two hooks for display on a wall.  


Match box

Here's an interesting match box from a Third Reich era tobacco shop which I picked up some time ago. There can't be too many of these floating around!


Luftwaffe Bringback Crate

Here we have a stellar "bring-back" ammo box. This armor piercing 7.92 anti-tank rifle round case was used to ship war trophies and souvenirs home back to the States. This container still retains remnants of the original postage stamps on it as well as address and unit information. Soldiers literally used anything they could get their hands on to mail stuff home. 


published 28" Railway Eagle

This exact piece is shown on page 158 of Wilhelm Saris' THIRD REICH REICHSBAHN EAGLES reference. If you look at the reverse of the eagle and on the bottom area of the swastika wreath you can see where the eagle slightly chipped while being pried off the railway car.  I got this piece out of the woodwork many years ago and it currently resides in my personal collection.


early NSDAP supporter walking stick

A most beautiful hand-carved walking stick with a period applied Adolf Hitler medallion in the grip area. This was a gift from a close friend in the hobby and will stay with me always.


Reichsbahn enamel sign

This is a beautiful enamel sign for the Reichsbahn. I acquired this piece from a former military chaplain who would trade various services within the church for military collectibles after the war. I like this particular enamel sign very much because of the bright blue and orange coloration. An identical example is shown on page 285 of WALL PLAQUES and OFFICIAL OFFICE SIGNBOARDS of HITLER'S THIRD REICH 1933 - 1945 by Wilhelm Saris & Philippe Gillain.


Hotel Berchtesgadener Hof door key

I can only speculate the story behind this piece but it came out of a small bring back lot some years ago. Here we have an original door lock and key from Hotel Berchtesgadener Hof. I would imagine this was taken after the 101st Airborne got into Berchtesgaden as a souvenir to celebrate VE day in Europe. 


Wooden desk eagle

A most unique and proud looking German eagle and overall an impressive display piece. 


Vertical Stabilizer from ME109

A double sided section of a ME109 tail fin. I believe I see: W.N. **159 but cannot make out the other two numbers. The maker tag reads Sach-Nr 8-109312 & Werk-Nr 5 11395. F-G variants utilized the 109.312sequence. The fact that the manufacture name is  cut off the bottom of the tag, suggest it is 1943 onward and is most probably from a G6 type aircraft.