Cased Luftwaffe combined Pilot observer Badge

The two stickpins you see in the photos below have been tucked in the underside of the box lid since the war and were returned this way to the US by a Vet. The DLV was phased out and is a nice piece to help date this early egg-shaped Assman combined pilot observer badge. The box is featured in THE GERMAN LUFTWAFFE PILOT and COMBINED PILOT and OBSERVER BADGES OF WORLD WAR II by Sebastien Talbot on page 548.


Panzer Assault Badge in Silver

Finding a Panzer badge by Friedrich Orth of Vienna is hard enough but to find one in the condition that this one is in is practically impossible. Even for a zinc badge, this one is just gorgeous and was a gift from a good friend of mine. It would be VERY hard to upgrade this example.


Kriegsmarine Destroyer Badge

 This exact badge is shown on page 76 of THE KRIESGMARINE AWARDS, Volume III by Norman Franke & John Robinson and is a rare Wilhelm Hobacher, Wien example that is twice maker marked. This came back to the US with the IMME marked Radio Operator badge that I have in my collection and I purchased them from the daughter of the Vet. 


Parade Mounted EK2

A classic Deumer produced cross which looks great on display. I have always found this single place bar to be most appealing. 


Luftwaffe Radio Operator

This IMME marked example is absolutely pristine and cannot be upgraded. It is rare to find zinc pieces in such remarkable condition. 


"900" silver War Merit Cross 1st class w/ swords

A rare L/52 (Zimmerman) produced piece which was actually produced in "900" silver and is marked as such. Not only is it rare to find LDO produced scew back pieces such as this but to find one produced in a precious metal is nearly impossible. 


NSDAP gold party badge

An unmarked Feuss example. Unfortunately, there is no information out there on NSDAP gold party badge 45768 holder. This badge came to me by random occurrence and was accompanied with a Wehrpass which just so happened to be named to Heinrich Kramer and I find that most interesting. Who knows?