NSDAP Kreis level visor

Additional Information

a fairly scarce 1939 pattern Kreis level visor with a wire wreath embroidered directly to the velvet cap band. A beautiful layer of patina covers the gold bullion accents. This exact cap is pictured on pages 125 & 126 of UNIFORMS OF THE NSDAP by Jeff Clark. 


ET64 Normandy Camo Luftwaffe Helmet

Additional Information

ET64 Luftwaffe helmet in a Normandy camo scheme with yellow/tan, grass green, and brick red. Named to Gefreiter Krämer. A true combat vet with loads of character. 


Luftwaffe Officer's M43 Cap

Luftwaffe officer's M43 with bullion eagle and cockade. It's common to find upgraded caps that sport enlisted rank, machine-woven insignia; true officer's caps are another story. It took me YEARS to find an real one. A truly beautiful piece of rare headgear!


Massive Q68 Heer Combat Helmet

MASSIVE Q68 Heer combat helmet with a size 61 liner. 1937 dated interior liner band on this M35 that was brought up to M40 specs. Numerous repairs including a field-alteration to the liner ring. Also, as can be seen in the photos, is the aluminum combat loop that has been riveted to the underside of the shell. This allowed for a belt clip to be used to hold the helmet while on march. I have added a pair of riding goggles for emphasis. The initials W.H. are painted on the shell's interior rim. If this one could talk...


removable white top Luftwaffe visor

Here we have a lovely white top Luftwaffe vsior for flight/para troops. This particular piece sports early aluminum insignia and retains the original wearer's initials of "E.G." on the interior sweatband. 


Ultra rare white piped Heer EM M40 tropical cap

A very rare cap I pulled out of England some time back. Manufactured by the firm of Kurtze & Storkmann, Berlin and a 58 in size. For anti aircraft  troops. The original wearer applied stitches to the internal peak presumably to give the cap a fashionable pinched look but this application looks to have relaxed some over years.


Kapitänleutnant Visor

Here is a lovely Kapitänleutnant visor for a junior officer in the Kriegsmarine. This cap reeks of oil and diesel and has a nice jaunty, wind blown appearance. The cap is named and upon further research I have identified possible owner and Knights Cross recipient Hullmuth Werther.


Heer Infantry EM/NCO visor cap

A named piece within my collection and just a stunner to look at. The Grenz regiments were considered rather special and elite units before the war as they were the men in charge of guarding the borders of Germany!  


Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps officer kepi

This NSFK officer kepi, often referred to as a 'coffee can' style cap, is an example which was privately made in blue grey trikot wool and lined in a gold colored silk. The cap features a full brown leatherette sweatband, silver metallic silver piping and a black leather chinstrap. The winged eagle was produced in aluminum and is extremely bright.