J. A. Schmidt & Söhne SS dagger - RZM M7/95 1222/39

This is a beauty of a RZM M7/95 - 1222/39 SS dagger by J. A. Schmidt & Söhne, Solingen. The blade on this one is really something and with a nice dark motto. On  the back of the handle there appears to be a "K" pressed into the wood.  The hanger has the SS runes in a double circle impressed into the  leather but it was hard to photograph (you can see it if you look  closely however) and the metal clip is marked RZM M5/8 I believe. I hope  you guys like it as much as I do! 


Kriegsmarine Officer's Dagger

For me this one has it all! I absolutely love the look of a hammered scabbard and the bright orange grip really sets this one apart. The engraving on the blade is nice and crisp and the correct knot is just beautiful. 


1st Pattern Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger

This was one of the first daggers I ever had in my collection and will remain with me always. This was Veteran returned to the US after the war and has always had the chain like it is. I find the patina on the fittings most appealing. 


K98 Parade Bayonet

A CHR. SIEBER - PIRMASENS distributor marked dress bayonet manufactured by the firm of ALCOSO. The bayonet features a bright yellow felt plug, has a chocolate brown colored frog and then the yellow and white troddel. 


Polizei Seitengewehr Sonderausführung (PSS) bayonet

Most folks don't even know these exist. Not your average police bayonet with a leather scabbard. Distributor mark is Fichtel & Sachs - Schweinfurt


stag grip dress bayonet by alcoso

Here is what I refer to as my Christmas bayonet due to the troddel color combination. This is considered a long dress bayonet and features lovely stag grips which are nice and tight. Manufactured and marked for Alexander Coppel, Solingen.


SA dagger by Gebrüder Halbach - Solingen

Known as a "bulldog" due to their logo. I believe this is one of the nicest SA daggers I have ever seen. Niederrhein Gau district stamped. Both the lower cross guard and the upper fitting on the scabbard were period engraved "21 329" which perhaps was the Sturm and Standarte of the original wearer. A most interesting piece.


ground Röhm SA dagger by Ed Wüsthof

A factory ground Röhm by Ed Wüsthof. I think the color of this SA rig sets it apart from others and is by far my personal favorite; the color is a rich chocolate color with almost a red tint to it. The lower cross guard is "Wf" marked for the Westfalen-Süd region of Germany. The fact that the Wüsthof firm is still in business today makes the piece that much more appealing to me.


Shooting cutlass by e. pack

This is a recent acquisition and a former Chip Gambino piece which now resides in my collection. To find a cutlass of this caliber without the grip having a crack in it is a monumental thing. This exact piece is featured in the Thomas Wittmann video @ 28:47 during the 2017 OVMS Max show.